Don't throw your vacuum away just yet.....

If your vacuum cleaner has lost suction, stopped picking up dirt, or stopped working completely, there are a few simple things you can do at home that might bring it back to life. 

When vacuum cleaners lose suction, it's usually down to a handful of common problems: a tangled brush bar, clogged filters, an overflowing dust container or blocked airways. Fixing these can instantly and dramatically improve your vac's cleaning power. This guide explains the quick fixes to try if your vacuum cleaner has lost suction.

Following these simple maintenance tips could save you up to £80 on a repair, according to quotes we got for simple repair jobs from Which? Trusted Traders in May

2019, and potentially save you the cost of a new vacuum cleaner too. Read on for step-by-step maintenance guidance to get your vacuum feeling, and cleaning, like it's brand new again.

Why has your vacuum cleaner lost suction? Quick checks: 

Clean the floorhead / brush bar

Clean the filters

Empty the bag or container

Check the hose and tubing for blockages

Other common issues including broken vacuum belts and cordless battery care

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