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Northern Commercial Cleaning | Student Accommodation Cleaning Services

Right from the day we were born, we’ve had our parents run around cleaning up after us and when you go to university it’s the perfect time to get away from their nagging!

Keeping your student accommodation clean and tidy, especially at the end of tenancy is vitally important! Mainly to get your deposit back!

Why do I need to clean my student accommodation?

Most student letting agents put the tenants in charge of cleaning their own property upon leaving, hence why a deposit is usually taken.

If you’re not careful and you don’t keep the property clean, you can sometimes be held liable for the spread of health hazards, pest infestation and mould within the property.

The cost of removal of these health hazards can really stack up, as they would have to call an external provider and the tenant will be charged for these costs.

How do I do a thorough clean of my student accommodation?

Firstly, make sure you give yourself and your cleaning team (again usually the parents) enough time to clean the property and don’t make it a last minute job.

Here are the main areas that a landlord/student letting property would expect to be clean upon inspection:


Remove everything in the cupboards from top to bottom and clean inside and outside with a dry cloth. If there are stubborn stains, you will need to use a wet cloth and an applied cleaning agent. The majority of people will forget to do this, but make sure you pull out the kitchen appliances (if you can) and clean the back of those as well, including the washing machine, microwave and dishwasher etc.

Clean out any old or unused food from your fridge is a must. You definitely don’t want this to sit a fester after you’ve left. clean the internals thoroughly, inside the drawers, in the ridges, every bit of shelving and then turn the fridge off and leave the door open.

Oven cleaning can be a bit of a disgusting job, especially if it’s a shared kitchen and the other tenants have left without cleaning. Clean everything inside the oven, trays, shelving and the oven door inside and out, switches, knobs etc. You can pick up a cheap steam cleaner on facebook or gumtree. A steam cleaner will make your live a lot easier and help release long term stubborn stains allowing them to be wiped off easily.

Living Room

Clean everything, and we mean everything! The coffee table, the TV, the bookshelves, any shelving and even the modern art paintings on the wall. Make sure you vacuum the carpet and upholstery until there is not a speck of dust left on them!


One of the most daunting tasks when cleaning your accommodation is the bathroom and it can often take the longest time to clean. Get your cleaning hat on and scrub everything from the toilet to the mirror. Make sure you have an order of how you’re going to clean everything, just so you don’t miss anything.

Clean the tiles and all of the surfaces, making sure you remove any limescale that may have built up over time.

Clean the plug holes of both the sink and bath/shower, ensuring the water is draining away efficiently


Go around your accommodation and list any areas where there are any scuffs or marks on the walls. If you can, just wash them off, if not you may have to purchase a bit of paint and do a bit of decorating.

That looks like a lot to do doesn’t it? Well if you want as much of your deposit back as possible then you need put a lot of work into it!

I would you like more helpful information of would like to enquire about the services provided by Northern Commercial Cleaning, please get in touch on 0191 3790097 or email

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