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Qualities of a Great Cleaning Professional

What does it take to be a great cleaner? That’s actually a pretty great question! Unfortunately, It’s not quite as simple as just having a well-stocked cleaning cabinet and a can of Mr. Muscle at the ready. Luckily, we know a bit about cleaning (it’s kinda what we do!), so we’ve created a list of 8 qualities every great cleaner should have.

1. Consistency

You’ve just completed your first clean for a new customer and they’re thrilled with the results. That’s fantastic! But now you have to keep those standards up, in six months time, that one great clean isn’t going to mean much if your standards have slipped.

A great cleaner makes it their mission to be consistently brilliant week after week and month after month. After a while it can be tempting to get complacent and start cutting corners – but your customer will want you to leave their home predictably spotless every time and a great cleaner will live up to these expectations like clockwork.

2. Attentiveness

Attention to detail is hugely important to a cleaner, because as everybody knows, there can be a world of difference between something that looks clean and something that actually is clean (We’ll admit it, we’ve hidden mess away in a cupboard and pretended it was clean too!). A great cleaner is often able to see things that other people can’t and will clean things their customer didn’t even know needed cleaning.

3. Honesty If you possess the other qualities that make a cleaner great, your job should be incident free. But however careful you are, if you do a lot of cleaning it’s possible that at some point there may be an accident. If anything were to happen it’s essential that you’re upfront and honest with your customer so you can resolve the situation with minimum fuss and get back to what you’re great at: cleaning.

4. Pride

It’s commonly thought that a good cleaner should have humility. Perhaps. But a great cleaner should have pride. Because if a cleaner doesn’t take pride in their work how can they possibly do a good job?

5. Timekeeping

As well as being punctual, good timekeeping involves organising yourself effectively during your clean so you can work efficiently. If cleaners don’t feel they can complete their list of jobs to the required standard then they should employ quality #3 (that was honesty, in case you’ve forgotten) and let their customer know so they can come up with a joint solution.

6. A sense of humour There will inevitably be times during your work as a cleaner that you come across something a little unsavoury – hopefully it will be rare, but if you clean a lot it’ll probably happen. Being able to have a sense of humour about these things will make your work much more enjoyable!

7. Endurance While you don’t need the athleticism of a triathlete, cleaning can be exhausting work. You could burn hundreds of calories an hour on your job depending on what you’re doing, and it’ll come as no surprise when you work up a sweat. At least you don’t need to worry about a gym membership!

There you have it, a list of 7 qualities that make great cleaners – these are the same qualities that make great teachers, great friends or even great astronauts. If you can think of any other qualities that great cleaners should have please do let us know in the comments below!

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